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did anyone ever think about SLEEP when we inhabited Alaska?!

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yet another funny definition: juggalo
ronnie radke
  juggalo 5275 up, 1661 down
For the most part, an uneducated, pathetic excuse for a human being who listens to the group ICP who are bold enough to actually consider themselves musicians. People you see wearing "hatchet-man" accesories. They should not be allowed to reproduce, because that is too cruel to future generations. ICP isn't rap, it isn't metal, it isn't rap/metal, and it isn't horrorpop. There is only one way to properly categorize ICP; unnecessarily and unartfully offensive and obnoxious noise.
That juggalo is stupid enough to think that ICP is music.
so my sis was urbandictionary again,, y'know.. these definitions are really opinionated dontcha think?


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